The Toorak Village Sculpture Collection began in 2008 when the very first large street sculpture was purchased by the Toorak Village Traders Association Inc, that is now permanently on display for all to see. The committee of the Toorak Village Traders wanted to retain some of the sculptures so they can be viewed all year round, not just in May. It is also a unique statement for the Toorak Village shopping precinct – changing the retail streetscape in an artistic way. All sculptures in the Toorak Village Sculpture Collection are approved and supported by the City of Stonnington.

ECHIDNA by Moz Moresi was purchased in 2016 and is the eighth permanent sculpture in the Toorak Village Sculpture Collection. Echidna is positioned at 462 Toorak Road outside the Bank of Melbourne & Christensen Copenhagen.

UNTITLED (BALZAC) by George Papadimas was part of the 2015 Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition and is the seventh sculpture purchased in 2016 for the permanent collection. Untitled (Balzac) is positioned at 412 Toorak Road outside Headmasters.

CHARISMA by Melissa Skirton-Cussell is the sixth permanent sculpture in the collection. It was purchased in 2014 and is now placed at corner of Mathoura and Toorak Rds at Sezanas Cafe.

HARE TOTEM by Anthony Vanderzweep was purchased in 2013 and is the fifth permanent sculpture in the Toorak Village Sculpture Collection. Hare Totem is positioned at 455 Toorak Road outside IMP Jewellery and Terry White Chemist.

SNAIL PLAY by Martin Moore and part of the 2012 Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition is the fourth sculpture purchased in 2012 for the permanent collection. Snail Play is displayed at 535 Toorak Road, up near Grange Road and outside Traffic.

CANIS by Dean Putting was a participant of the 2011 Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition and was the third sculpture purchased for the collection in 2011. Canis is now displayed at 424 Toorak Road, near Mathoura Road and outside C. Wallis & Son Chemist.

STAKING THE FUTURE-FERTILITY TOTEM by Julia M. Anderson was purchased in 2009 after the 2009 Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition. This is the second sculpture in the collection and is displayed at 482 Toorak Road, near Canterbury Rd and outside Classic Beauty Salon.

THINK OUTSIDE THE SQUARE by Rudi Jass was part of the 2008 Festival of Sculpture and was the first sculpture in the collection purchased in 2008. It is displayed at 481 Toorak Road, outside Vintage Cellars.